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Ante Bellum

“He who establishes his argument by noise and command shows that his reason is weak.”

Michel de Montaigne

John ward blog ;serial name dropper, political blagger blogger and waybaloo enthusiast. Please note we would like to say publicly that these comments are aimed at the blog as we cannot say without doubt that the person sharing the above name is actually the author of the blog.

For those of you who really care [ not that many of you do ] john ward blog has shown its hand, keen to advise but not so keen to clearly be proven wrong. Invited to view evidence but quick to decline. We came into this with a ‘tabula rasa’ but it has fast changed due to the shocking amount of deceptive and obstructive techniques in place.

The john ward blog offers a non Sensus communis approach but instead more a De Facto version of policy understanding. The interesting thing about the john ward blog is the ‘claims’ that he and his army of followers including the old boys network know who we are, issuing limp statements and unsupported claims has simply enforced our belief they are no closer than the day we started! If john ward blog and the medway council youth army really new who we were then gun wharf would be in ‘lock down’ by the morning. It would make john blush if he realised he has spoken to at least 2 of our team members in the last 30 days!. Maybe John ward blogs friends in high places should consider how close he is to those who really know where medway council are going. Again john wards blog claims have made him/it laughable.

It could be another 15th march for the self confessed god like blogger who famously blogged;

“I think there is an increasingly strong case for compulsory sterilisation of all those who have a second, (or third, or whatever) child while living off state handouts.”

And yes those comments did lead to his resignation!!

I know john has not had a passport since 1982 – maybe now is the time he headed ‘down under’ wink wink john.

It is important for readers to know that our work is pro bono and we encourage you to continue making up your own mind with regard to the information that we publish.

Ignore the childish arrogant political blogging and remember;

homo homini lupus

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