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Another Bodge

Having the role i have does have many perks, one of which allows me ( and one other here) to mingle with the almighty ones, those being medway Cllrs, over the years we have joined them in celebrating, scrutinising and watching them flap over issues they were desperate not to let out into the public domain. So when things go wrong for cllrs we can pre-empt exactly what will happen, nine times out of ten we have been right!

Back in may this year a few members of our investigation team attended the North Kent Divisional Commanders Awards Ceremony it had been a great night actually especially as we were able to iron out some work issues and also catch up with some old friends such as john burden from Gravesham Borough Council, someone we hold in great esteem. Also in attendance was tracey crouch and Cllr Mike O’Brian, he made it clear during a speech how proud he was of our police officers or [ police offices] as he put it. Interestingly he also referred to the Medway Police and Kent Police separately! Thus inviting questions like;

Do medway have a separate police force?

Of course we know they do not but we thought we would raise it anyway. Cllr Mile O’Brian has always been one to self gratify, looking at Mikes blog you’ll see if there is an opportunity to slip a portrait picture of himself in then he will!

We arent actually to worried about mikes pictures as at least he looks respectable, our concerns lay with the Grain LNG emergency siren that he so proudly took charge of – only to fail quite expectedly!


We love this picture mike! Its one of those “epic failure moments”.

Of course the special ” we are not legally obliged but we will anyway” approach to erecting this siren was supposed to been seen by the residents as a ” good will ” type gesture from the council, Cllr mike o’brian wanting to make it clear that this is going the extra mile for the residents of grain. Anyone would have thought Cllr O’Brian was counting down to the olympics by the way he publicly announced the opening of the new amazing siren! Unfortunately for mike he forgot to ‘wind it up’ or ‘ put in some batteries’ or what ever you do to make it work!! Upon test day the siren was tested, to our horror it couldnt even be heard in the local school!!!

So for the epic failure Cllr O’Brian we would like to thank you again for your shockingly bad attempt at public safety and congratulate you on making our job easier by publicly making yourself look silly.

Lets hope with all the minds crammed into one room at Gun Wharf that they one day manage to work out a way of purchasing an emergency siren which actually works!!

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Silence speaks volumes

Its not uncommon for MPs and Councillors to serve themselves, in most cases there is a good reason to presume that they are either to uneducated to the facts that surround the case or they simply feel it is beneath them. I remember the local and general elections here in medway where by all of the parliamentary candidates were tripping themselves up in an attempt to force the false front onto the residents. We all listened to the candidates and cllrs to try to assure ourselves that the nominated person or persons would best represent us with our fears over GRAIN LNG. We heard many false promises and son stories however one thing that sticks in our mind and the one thing we will never forget especially during the next elections is how the MP Mark Reckless and local conservative councillors have shown an utter contempt for the very people who enabled them to hold office.

We remind ourselves about the half hearted debates and defunct actions of the tory team here in grain, more over we have to look at the inability of the tory team to even so much as communicate with us. There is a great misconception that the grain residents simply want shot of GRAIN LNG, well that is not entirely true. We have called for our representative to sit and talk to us about the safety concerns and errors that have been pointed out in the OFF SIGHT emergency planning, our concerns are born out of our love of our children and families, the conservative party here in medway have by way of silence and refusal to talk and may i add refusal to acknowledge freedom of information requests shown that not only do the value the safety of our children and the quality of life for our children but also that are concerns regarding those matters are not important enough to even debate.

We have been lucky enough to sit and discuss this with a national media organisation who have taken a very interested approach in this matter of Grain LNGand we continue to inform them about the irresponsible in actions of the medway conservatives.

Whilst we continue to press for answers we also remind those people here in medway that the medway conservative party have refused to view our quality of life and the safety of a children less important than commercial gain.


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