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Your not worthy of a response

Its an outrage! Simple. Elected councillors simply ‘ignoring’ pleads for help. For our regular readers you will know that we have been following the disgusting treatment of a medway resident and former soldier who is now under the care of the Medway Mental Health team. The way he and his family have been treated is an outright disgrace an not to mention the PACE breaches which have taken place during the process, last week we caught up with the veterans carer and asked if there had been any updates, we were disgusted to hear that the veterans carer had written to Cllr Alan Jarrett on two occasions and had NOT even received a response! We have agreed with the veterans carer that we will publish the letter whilst removing any details that could identify the carer or the veteran.

I write on behalf of Mr **^* ,***, rochester, kent *** ***. My name is ***** ******* i am the registered carer for ****.

**** is facing possible prosecution for what medway council call dishonesty regarding benefits. **** on the advice of the medway CAB completed a housing benefit application and claimed a backdate. There has been a great deal of misinformation and ill advice regarding this matter which seems to have become way out of hand.

I understand that you might not be aware of Mr ****** position so i will take the liberty of informing you to help you to understand the situation better. ***^ is currently under the care of the mental health team and also under the care if combat stress a charity to help suffering soldiers. ***** is diagnosed with a number of illnesses which have had a significant negative impact on his health. ***** currently suffers from the following:

Combat related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Clinical depression

Social anxiety

Suicidal ideation

It is important to note also that during this period of the investigation his mental stability has become so much worse so much so that he is now not allowed to take part in group therapy because he is volatile and distressed. This impact and choice to prosecute Mr ***** has undone all of the hard work that the mental health team and therapy have done, not to mention the problems this has now caused at home with the children. He has had an increase in medication and a decline in health, myself our children and his parents are desperately worried for **** as he has recently tried to seriously harm himself and end his life. **** is still to date unsure if how or why he is going to be prosecuted, he made it very clear that he couldn’t pay the ADPEN because the officer stated it would have to be pain in full on the day, +*** only income is his disability benefit. **** does not claim the ESA as he is entitled. I appeal to you as head of finance to reconsider the prosecution of ***** and hope that i can appeal to your respectable honorable side for the sake of a loved son, respectable Armed Forces Veteran and father to 3 children. We are a decent honorable family who put a great deal into our community here in medway, i am a ***** ****** and fundraiser and our children raise money for our church, an experience such as this has thrown our house hold into chaos in which myself and our children want there dad back to continue with our lives.

Cllr Jarrett i ask you as an honorable man to halt these proceedings and help us find another way to deal with this before my children and i lose ***^

This letter was sent to Cllr Jarrett on May 24th 2012 and as yet we are informed that the councillor has still failed to even acknowledge receipt of the letter/email. We cannot help but think that this is a disgusting disregard towards a young family in Medway. I invite comments to this article but please be mindful that this is a letter asking for help and a young family are involved.

from us

Cllr Jarrett your blatant dismissal of the plea for help has only demonstrated your need to be in power and NOT to serve your constituents. We invite you publicly to inform us of the reasons you have neglected your responsibility.

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Contradiction Full Stop

Morning all, now we all know about the failed medway city bid and the shocking arrogance of medway council by way of ‘claiming’ the status before being awarded it.

We also are aware of the arrogance and sheer nerve of the well known cllr Alan Jarrett. Cllr Alan Jarrett is a man who residents are always wiry of, from parking in disabled car parking bays because its late in the day to making a fool of himself over the city bid and chatham bus station. As many of our readers are aware we have been reporting a situation which involves a former soldier struggling with mental health issues, we have made a every effort to report the findings and report the responses from medway council ( or lack of ). We do try very hard to be open honest and apply a reasonable outlook on these events.

city bid

Medway Council were very quickly put in their place after the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) had outlawed the use of a logo produced for a city status bid, calling it a “storm in a teacup”.

Knowing Cllr jarrett is safe to safe he probably to it for granted that they (medway council) had every right to adopt the status.

As well as being part of the attempt to achieve city status, the logo, was used additionally on a tourism leaflet several months ago.

The council says the ASA ruling, lacks common sense and in response, has listed other ‘improper’ uses of ’city’.

Deputy leader Alan Jarrett (Con) noted that there had been only one complaint and said: “This ruling is a waste of everyone’s time. Surely the ASA has Bigger fish to fry!?

Alan Jarrett remarked;

“We put a small logo for our city bid on a tourism leaflet and the Advertising Standards Authority decided to come down on us like a ton of bricks.

“This leaflet took the council’s own designer less than a day to design and cost the council nothing. We didn’t realise the ASA was going to make this kind of fuss over such a storm in a teacup.”

Cllr Jarrett insisted the ASA should look at other “wrong” uses of ‘city’:

Letchworth Garden City and Welwyn Garden City – “actually towns in Hertfordshire and have been since 1903 and 1920 respectively. Will the ASA now seek to overturn their historic names?”

Nottingham Rock City – “based in a city is definitely not a city in its own right and isn’t even a town – it’s a music venue showcasing live gigs. Are groups intending to play there now going to have to change their posters?”

Cathedral City cheese – “as this is made in Davidstow, Cornwall, which is neither a city nor has a cathedral”.

Double Standards

Well Cllr jarrett whilst we are on the subject of ‘Bigger Fish To Fry’ we should look at our so called and alledged ‘Benefit Fraud’ case concerning the Army veteran. We noted how much of a big case medway council and in particular Cllr Alan Jarrett made of the failed and rejected city status bid i wonder if he can put as much into this case. Lets not forget Cllr Jarrett that we are aware of a personal plea sent to you by the veterans carer, although i do not know the contents of this letter i am aware that it has been sent twice, twice he has failed to even respond or acknowledge receipt of the email. We look at bigger fish to fry and find ourselves wondering why medway council have wasted so much money and time in prosecuting a man who was overpaid £700 but who as already paid the money back! Given that many of these fraud cases are in the £10,000 mark Surley you have bigger fish to fry Cllr Jarrett.

For those interested to learn, cllr jarrett has failed to act accordingly, failing to represent, neglecting his responsibilities, more shockingly he continues to treat the residents with contempt. We will be receiving a copy of the personal letters sent to alan jarrett so we can therefor share them with you, meanwhile Cllr Alan Jarrett should take note of this and make the effort to correspond with the resident.

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