Welcome to our Evidence & Reference page, we had decided that we shall use this page to display evidence related to each article, obviously on some occasions this is not possible because the investigation may be ongoing or a decision has been made by our team not to display evidence at this point.

1. Council abuse of rights and position;

We refer to a document which states that benefit overpayments could be seen as a form of income.

click here to view the document


2. Selling You To Kent Police;

As reported in our article Kent police charging Medway Council to make arrests, document can be viewed here;

3. The £12,500 per month overpayment, the link to this document has been included in the article.

4. Medway Council Finds You Guilty, as report in the article during our briefing process we confirmed that medway council were correct in this case and that the allegations made were malicious.

5. Tory Cllr Walks, to view the public document regarding this matter please go to;

6. Tv Licence ;


7. Disclaimer Or Fob Off, to view the disclaimer please goto ;

8. Medway council Housing Shambles;

Photo evidence displayed within article.


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