Naughty Naughty

Hello Australia,

Tl;dr: Some Lolcats have set sail again and looted some swag from Australian shores. Skip this section to grab the loot.

Now, we all know that it is no secret that you are spying on the internet activities of your citizens. But for a change we can present some evidence, which is always nice to have, or so we hear.

Our lizard-like cats have plundered this booty because whoever is responsible for securing the government servers of Queensland, Australia did a bad job. No 0day, obviously, it was a simple authetification bypass via LFI, shame on you.

Anyway, so far can present 27mb of compressed data, but most importantly we want to direct your attention to the file dsdweb-tracking.mdb. This file gives us some insights on how the Australian government was monitoring its citizens activity. Let us explain what you see here:


4/11/2001|9:41:32 AM|538|Regional Development|17|2|Jenny|Rogan||5|4000|2|Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.01; Windows NT)|
These lines show what the Australian government is interested in and what they are tracking. The data below was reformatted but you can view the complete database dsdweb-tracking.mdb in the archive (not linking to direct file since it is 200mb).

Tracking Fields:

HitDate – The date the specific Search was initiated
SearchID- The ID of the search
PageTitle- The title of the page that was searched
PageType- They have their own categories of the logging software
Classification- They classify with their own systems
Postal Code
Browswer- What browser they were using
IPAddress – IP address of the user
HttpReferer – Referer-URL (Previous website, where it was linked from)
Organization Listings:

Small Business-1
Medium Business-2
Large Business-3
Local Government-4
State Government-5
Federal Government-6
Primary Education-7
Secondary Education-8
Tertiary Education-9
Small Industrial-12
Medium Industrial-13
Large Industrial-14

TypeID Type
1 Publication
2 Event/Seminar
3 Tender
4 Form
5 Video/Audio
6 Newsroom
15 Special Offer
16 Policies & Procedures
17 Html Doc
19 Template Profile

With thanks to anonymous post well done see them here

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One thought on “Naughty Naughty

  1. Jack Hope says:

    Blimey!! Is that legal?

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