More Fingers In Pies

Theres nothing like putting a resident at a disadvantage, in fact it seems that it is something medway council see as a MUST!

We often see the ‘big brother state’ controlling much of what we do and more so seeing what we do as one of the leading countries in the world leader board for CCTV in public places. You probably ask yourself who is in this ring of intelligence and why do they need to cohort in the way they do??

Well lets look at an issue thats close to home to start with. Many people over the years have questioned the true role of a magistrates court, many have aired their concerns that magistrates courts are simply ” profit making” organisations, further more the matter is not really helped much by the very fact many magistrates courts are listed on the duport website as ” profit making businesses”. Adding to this we look at how medway council pay a FEE to the magistrates court to hold hearings which apparently are criminal offenses.

One report we hear very often is that residents facing court proceedings believe they are facing a magistrate who is on the side of the local authority, they feel that there cannot be an impartial view. Again and rather worryingly we know that local authorities often apply indirect pressure to magistrates to increase sentencing and the like. We know that medway council ((for instance)) invited representatives to a meeting to discuss the sentencing policy [ can be confirmed by clicking here ] this makes alot of us feel uneasy about a possible prejudicial view from the magistrate at medway magistrates court, but there is more! A more worrying factor. Look at the magistrates here and you will see a very worrying link, what you say? Well a medway Councillor who needless to say is paid by medway council and employed by medway council is also a magistrate! Employed by medway council Cllr craig Mackinlay is also appointed to the ‘Regeneration, Community and culture scrutiny and overview committee, this being an appointment which includes;

This Committee scrutinises services and policies relating to regeneration, community and culture. These include community safety, environmental health, CCTV and ENFORCEMENT the wardens’ service, traffic management and highway schemes, the Rural Strategy, economic development and social regeneration, the management of events, heritage attractions and tourism, the Cultural Strategy, leisure, arts, sports, recreational activities, social inclusion, scrutiny of the work of the Community Safety Partnership and the regeneration of communities and physical regeneration of the area.

Im am sure many will jump on this post with the usual comments in defense of this un desirable relationship which to the average person appears to be a serious clash of interests but its something you simply cannot ignore, would any view that cllr mackinlay hold whilst acting as a magistrate be prejudicial? We will wait to find that on out!

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