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Medway council judge and jury

interim report

Im am sorry if you wanted medway council to make amends for the previously exposed emails however that is not going to happen, for those of you who are aware of the current case regarding the armed forces veteran being treated like vermin by medway council we are sad to inform you that even more horrendous emails have been witnessed by our team. As it is late we will not be posting everything tonight BUT we will share some extracts with you, maybe YOU can make your assumptions from this:

Are you being serious with that question?? I do not feel your reply is a professional response from the council especially as you are in legal services. You claim that you have never received any information or medical evidence of ***** ****** medical condition!!

The letter quite clearly states that **** ***** is under the care of the mental health at Medway Hospital. You have asked **** for more evidence of this hence the letter I have supplied. You and your team were also aware of this at the time of the interview’s under caution but chose to ignore it and carry on interviewing **** under caution without “An Appropriate Adult”. This whole situation has caused unnecessary Stress to myself, young children and has contributed to a decline in ***** mental health. I do not understand why the court case is going ahead when we are clearly already paying pack the over payment.

response from **** ****** representative of medway council

Ms *********
It is a very serious question. This is an unsigned letter which does nothing more than state that Mr ***** is receiving some kind of care. There is nothing here which says how long he has been receiving that care or whether the care is to address a specific condition, or set of conditions, that would have any impact on the matter in question. It is not enough to say that someone suffers from stress and therefore that is a reason not to proceed with a prosecution.

we can confirm tonight that the letter mentioned above specifically indicated that the veteran was being treated for a specific reason, we also believe that there is a good reason to believe that there is a ” non disclosure” issue in hand

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Well done Roger! The cat is out of the bag

We would like to share an article with you from a dear friend Roger Hayes, well done roger great work.

The story so far: The council have demanded council tax from me, which I have refused to pay for 3 years – on the grounds that there is no lawfully enforceable contract between me (Roger Hayes) and the council. The council is refusing to provide me with a lawful contract because they think they have the right to demand that I pay council tax… which they do not. I am happy to pay my council tax – but only when the Council has agreed to provide me with a lawful contract… this is my right. The benefit of a contract is that it makes the council agree terms and conditions with me and prevents them acting in an arbitrary fashion i.e. it brings power back to the people.

The fact is that the council has no right to demand council tax from me (Roger Hayes) – but they DO have the right to demand it from the legal fiction MR ROGER HAYES… but that isn’t me. If you are not familiar with the legal fiction – please watch the following video:

[swf file=”” params=”width=430&&height=350″ action=”swftools_swf_display_direct”]

On the 11th January 2011 in the county court of Birkenhead, in front of witnesses, the court conceded to the right of Roger Hayes to act as ‘third party representative’ for MR ROGER HAYES. In essence the court agreed that they they were two entirely separate entities. This is an extraordinary development to put it very mildly.

The court did not however concede without putting up a very vigorous fight… this is how events unfolded in the court room.

Judge: Can we first find out who is in the court… is MR ROGER HAYES in the court?

Me: Sir, I am third party representative for MR ROGER HAYES.

Judge: Are you MR ROGER HAYES?

Me: No sir, I am the third party representative for MR ROGER HAYES… you may address me as Roger.

Judge: I will not address you as Roger, I will call you MR HAYES

Me: Sir, I am not MR HAYES, the court is required to address me as I request and I request that you address me as Roger. (NOTE – court protocol dictates that a defendant or respondent can be addressed the way they choose – the Judge then referred to me as ‘the gentleman’ but avoided referring to meas MR HAYES).

Judge: If you are not MR ROGER HAYES then I will take note that MR ROGER HAYES is not represented in court.

Me: In that case sir, you will have to also note that the council is not represented in court.

(NOTE. This would mean that the case would have to be dismissed, finding for the defendant, because the plaintiff had not appeared)

Judge: I can see that that the council has representation in the court.

Me: Then you will have to acknowledge that MR ROGER HAYES has representation in the court. We are all equal in the eyes of the law… if council has third party representation then so does MR ROGER HAYES. The council is a corporation and so is MR ROGER HAYES.

Judge: MR ROGER HAYES is not a corporation.

Me: Yes it is.

Judge: No it isn’t, it is a PERSON.

Me: A PERSON is a corporation.

Judge No it isn’t.

Me: Define person.

Judge: I don’t have to.

Me: Then let me do it for you sir. A PERSON is a corporation (NOTE: This is defined in a law dictionary) Sir, are you familiar with the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666?

Judge: I am familiar with many laws.

Me: Sir, I asked if you were familiar with the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666, if you are not Sir, then with respect you are not competent to judge in this matter and that gives rise to a claim of denial of due process.

Judge: Let’s hear from the council.

Me: Sir we can only move on to the council’s presentation when the court has confirmed that MR ROGER HAYES is represented in court.

Judge: Fine.

And the case continued…. with me (Roger Hayes) acting as third party representative for the legal fiction MR ROGER HAYES and with the judge eventually telling the council to go away and prove its case. The Judge was obviously very keen to avoid a charge of denial of due process i.e. a challenge to his competence. It was much easier for him to side with me and pass the buck back to the council.

Smart judge.

So what does this all mean? Well In very simple terms, it is SEISMIC i.e. extremely significant. It means that the court has accepted that the council’s claim is against the legal fiction MR ROGER HAYES and not me the flesh and blood man Roger Hayes. The court has also accepted that I (Roger Hayes) can act as a third party representative to defend the claim against MR ROGER HAYES.

The legal fiction cat is now truly out of the bag (although for me this is the second time I have achieved this in court). If the council goes on to win its case, then the court will find against the legal fiction MR ROGER HAYES, but significantly, they will not have found against me Roger Hayes… because as the court agrees… MR ROGER HAYES is a corporation… which isn’t me. One important thing is now clearly established – I, Roger Hayes, am not liable for council tax. AND NEITHER ARE YOU.

You can see all of the other information by going to the website HERE

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Bully Boy Bailiffs In Medway

Hello again, after spending all day and most of the evening calming down from yesterdays shock revelations and deception tactics put in place by medway council i have decided to approach the subject of Council tax collections on behalf of Medway Council. We have [in the last 5 days] received no less than 14 emails regarding this matter.

Most emails are in fact virtually the same with regards to the tactics used by Bailiffs here in medway. We have had some very disturbing stories however we will say at this point we have only heard one side of the story thus far. I thought i would just give some simple answers to the questions that have been raised. I hope that these answers are enough to put alot of minds at rest. So before we go into the Q&A session i would like to say that a full investigation will be put in place to ascertain the facts of each case if possible.

Ok below are just some of the questions You have asked;

1. Do i have to talk to the bailiff?

Ans: NO – you are NOT legally or Lawfully obliged to talk to anyone, it does not matter what the bailiff tells you or writes in a letter YOU have EVERY RIGHT to refuse to deal with them.

2. Medway council said i have to deal with the bailiff and not them.

Ans: this is something that we have dealt with on many occasions, Medway council have always claimed that when a debt is with the bailiff they then have no power to deal with the account. NEVER phone a bailiff, Always insist that you are happy to pay but REFUSE to deal with the bailiff. Medway council can always take the debt back “in house”, they often claim if you do not agree a council tax debt repayment with the bailiff that they will apply for a warrant for your arrest! This is all designed to have you to agree to enter contract with them an therefor being liable for their fee’s !!

Threats of imprisonment by the bailiff

FACT: You cannot be sent to prison for refusing to allow the bailiffs entry
The Citizens Advice Bureau have reported that bailiffs have threatened clients with imprisonment if, for example, they do not allow the bailiffs entry to the debtor’s home.
You are entitled to refuse the bailiffs entry and are allowed to use reasonable force in resisting bailiffs who have unlawfully tried to push their way in.
You can only be sent to prison for your debts if:
The local authority decides to apply to the magistrates’ court for a means enquiry hearing.
A means enquiry hearing is then held at the magistrates’ court
The magistrates decide that the debtor has either wilfully refused or culpably neglected to pay
The magistrates have examined all the other payment methods available but found that none will be effective.
If you have been threatened by the bailiff with imprisonment call 07909 588 519 to get immediate help.

These bailiffs are notorious for telling lies, simply DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM.

3. The bailiff said he is calling the police! Can they make me pay?

Ans: another favorite tactic employed by bailiffs! Fear not the police can ONLY ensure that there is No Breach Of The Peace! They cannot assist with the enforcement of debts! Its all a lie and the sad thing as my husband will confirm [after nearly 29 years as a police officer] that many police officers will assist and they themselves are not entirely sure of their role. Make it known that you are NOT refusing to pay, you ARE refusing to deal with a bailiff and that there is no breach of the police, simply close your front door, better still do not open your door in the first place.

Don’t ever be intimidated or worried about bailiffs, it is after all YOUR actions which enables them to enforce against you, people will lead you to believe that they have all mighty powers, they are in fact powerless, never worry its not worth the thought. Please remember that our team has an unmeasurable amount if experience in this field and we are always here to guide you step by step if need be.

Email us for more help or even if you would like us to make contact with creditors on your behalf.

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Hiding behind emails!!

we are officially infuriated!

After attempting to secure the facts about a Medway Veteran who is being hounded by Medway council regarding benefit overpayments we have uncovered some disturbing emails.

Medway council representatives have repeatedly claimed in court that the veteran has failed to supply evidence that he is suffering from mental health issues, they have repeatedly suggested that Medway council were acting responsibly and if they had evidence that the veteran does indeed suffer from mental health issues they would then re asses the decision to prosecute.

Even to this day Medway council representatives have denied that any medical evidence had been received!

Today we can tell you that this is in fact an out right LIE! We have today viewed the evidence with our own eyes and can confirm that the veteran, his carer AND the mental health department confirmed he was under the care of the mental health team at medway hospital. This shocking revelation could not come soon enough as members of the conservative party have jumped to the defense of medway council.


The veterans carer sent [as requested] a letter sent direct from medway mental health team to the legal representative for medway council saying About the needs of the veteran and confirming his care, details of all medication was also supplied, TO OUR HORROR we viewed the response which contains sentences such as;

“Can you tell me for what purpose this is being sent?”

“this means nothing”!

Damn right outrageous, we have so far been lied to about this case and can today CONFIRM that MEDWAY COUNCIL have consistently failed in their attempt to shift all blame to this poor man. I feel outraged and totally disgusted that a local authority could possible act in this way without considering the fact that email documents which contain the absolute disregard for a mans health and to the right to a fair trial!

More to come. We welcome comments and await the rush of tory party members to rubbish this, unfortunately for them we have as a team of independent witnesses have confirmed all details AND LIES!!

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Tory Cllr Walks.……

I find with great joy another conservative Cllr has today resigned after describing the Conservative government as “elitist and self-serving”.

Former Conservative Cllr Ben Walker from South Gloucestershire, Ex-Royal Navy, Community Activist & Maverick has gone on to say he refuses to be party to “bully boy tactics”. A rather nice chap here in Medway who currently runs an informative blog happened to mention the words “common purpose” whilst making a comment about one of our articles, common purpose seems to be rife through the conservative party and from my time working in whitehall for the MOD i can assure you it is supported at more levels than most realise. As a senior manager i had been constantly exposed to such and know of many Tories of whom i had met who openly support Common Purpose training.

Former Conservative Cllr Ben Walker has spoken about the decision calling it “long time in the coming”! Who are we to disagree with an elected man who has dealt with the conservative party on a daily basis.

More to follow……

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The “welfairy” is back

We have seen an increase in emails regarding many issues about different forms of benefits, at the same time we have received just as many emails claiming that Medway council have given poor advice and on some occasions some completely wrong advice regarding to benefits which has led to a number of individuals being punished by Medway Council.

Remembering that Medway Council see themselves as judge and jury, it always pays to seek advice from outside agencies. We all to often think of Medway CAB as our only option, while taking nothing away from the CAB as they supply a fantastic service it is important to remember that making any mistakes with your benefits will more than likely see you facing the magistrates in Medway regardless of how much they like to emphasize that its a last resort. We more than many know all to well about this last resort!

Welfairy is back

We are delighted to offer you a professional FREE service from our dear friend the “welfairy”, a brilliant resource which has helped more people than we care to remember. The welfairy is a totally free service which has be born out of even more pathetic conservative cuts. Welfairy offers you not only email access but also its very own radio station.

You can visit the website for yourself by clicking HERE

Meanwhile whilst you are taking a look at the website weare going to take another look at some damning emails sent by Medway council.

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Just an oversight?

Last week we received an email from a resident who stated that medway council had intentionally stopped her housing benefit without informing her and for no reason. As usual we set about looking into this with the aim of helping her out and by suggesting some sort of guidance. We can report this week that Medway council did indeed halt the benefits BUT in our opinion were CORRECT to do so! We do not always see eye to eye with medway council however that said if someone is in the wrong then we are happy to point that out also. During our investigation we can confirm that medway council did indeed carry out a fair enquiry into this and the response is adequate. The residents actions did lead to the stopping of her benefits which is fair.

In this case we feel there is no other lines of enquiry and Medway council had acted as required.

Case closed

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With a personal view

When writing on a blog such as this we do so with the intention of making our position clear, we do not have the time to sugar coat anything with the urgency of these matters. There are times in which we too become frustrated by actions or rather in-actions of certain people including the failure to operate at the minimum level. Experiences here vary so much yet all most always end in the same way, obstruction and misinformation with some deviation tactics and excuses mixed in. Also in most cases we deal with people who on the surface like to appear as though they are intending to some what guide us however they word it, we are not an easily misled outfit with experiences ranging from investigators to former police officers and some former ex local authority officers thrown in for good measure.

Having age on our side coupled with experience we do think we are in a strong position to make our point, i need to say at this point that the former cllr who we don’t really need to name seems to think that because we are “blogging” we should adhere to a format which is otherwise reserved for political blogs, while we appreciate his honest opinion ( and believe me when i say he is one of the few you can rely on to give you an honest opinion) we cant help but disagree that we need to take a more neutral approach and informative approach in order to achieve our goals. Our goal in clear to us, providing we get the information out in which ever format is a job well done, we are not here to make friends nor are we here as peace keepers, we as a team have tried the polite approach and have seen the rejection first hand from medway council, thus the blog is born. Any case that appears here does so because Medway council have refused to help anymore. The former cllr who we mentioned does take a rather odd view to one of our cases, he refers to the fact that we seem to mention the fact that our veteran has mental health issues, now in our view hearing that is great! It means that you the reader ARE AWARE that this is no ordinary case which is something that medway council seem to overlook. We cant help but feel that some readers of this blog may be of the opinion that we as a team are simply busy bodies with no knowledge of any workings at local government level, that couldn’t be further from the truth. We often refer to corruption at medway council, of course we understand that not everybody working for medway council is corrupt but we rather refer to the operating and underhand tactics used, having evidence of such things puts us in a very strong position but that said WE are not in a court case therefor WE have no obligation to disclose anything.

I do hope our ex cllr continues to read our blog even if we are missing the daily mention of children’s tv programs and we hope that he will carry on debating! BUT we must make clear that even if this blog is 1 month old it does NOT make the facts any less important and we will continue to ensure that we voice those opinions and facts in order to have the case heard. Our ex cllr must remember that our readers come here for a very different reason to those who view his blog.

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Happy Birthday!!

Well the day has come around quickly and although this may not be the place to say it i thought i would anyway!!


My husband is celebrating his 60th today i hope you can all join me in wish alan birthday joy and happiness.

This time last year alan spent his birthday after suffering from a heart attack, fro
Me and everyone here alan you have done us proud and happy birthday.

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Medway council finds you guilty!

Watch this space

News just in :

A resident in chatham has just this minute sent in evidence that Medway council stopped her housing benefit for 6 MONTHS before telling her! This action has been denounced by the CAB and has now gone on to leave the mother of 3 with hugh rent arrears!
The decision was made while she was being investigated, an investigation which led to nothing other than allegations ! Medway Council found her guilty and punished her by halting her benefits any investigation even started!!
More to follow……………

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